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What Was New In 1997

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These are the updates we made to the web site together with news of most of the new things we did and products we introduced during 1997.

Last Update

Pages added

21 Dec

New dealer in Jersey - W.M. Staite

25 July

Second hand for sale update, Show calendar update, Agribowser info update. Sorry not much else done recently due to show season!

6 June

More pictures for the photo album

23 May

Dealer info - Haynes Agricultural, Special projects - Strawberry sprayers, Airport sprayers, more tyre pics and a humble start to the Photo album.

3 May

Update - Secondhand, Special projects - Strawberry sprayers, Airport sprayers, more tyre pics and a humble start to the Photo album.


Dealer info pages started with G.Reekie Group, Sprayer Services, Spraycare, Farmec, A T Oliver. Options - Boutmarkers, Flow meters. seed drills, Special projects - Grass mowing, New for 97 - Bowsers. Product & supplier info pages started with Horstine Farmery and the TMA4 spreader, and RDS Technology, new link to RDS in Other sites, 24m booms - flip-over tips, a few more tyre pics, Product info - demount legs, 12m boom "flip-outs", 475, 475 specs, 475 options, Technical pages - Tyre options/speed charts, Power comparisons, Turning circles, Ground clearances.


Four wheel steering and new links added to other sites


Dealer list, machine specifications, price lists, conditions of sale, factory location maps. More detailed product info, secondhand, show calendar.


Site first started, general introductions to company and products.

December 1997

New stainless steel tank

We Have started to make some of our own tanks, with stainless steel being the most obvious option enabling us to manufacture to customers individual size requirements, we have also increased the largest tank size to 1600 litres. Machines fitted with stainless steel tanks will also have stainless steel inductor hoppers and mud guards.

Launch of vegetable sprayer

Not letting the grass grow under their feet, W. M. Staite Ltd our newly appointed dealer in Jersey have sold the first of a new range of Frazier vegetable sprayers, based on an Agribuggy 475 it has four wheel steering for optimum maneuverability. The transport width was reduced to two meters to cater for Jerseys narrow roads. The 11.5m wide booms are fully hydraulic and fold independently for ease of spraying in confined spaces. This machine also features a 1200 litre stainless steel tank built to their specific requirements.

November 1997

New dealer in Jersey

We have appointed W. M. Staite LTD of Oak Farm, St Lawrence, Jersey, JE3 1HU as Frazier distributors.
Mr Staite is also the Ford New Holland dealer on the island and can be contacted at the above address or telephone 01534 863511 / Fax 01534 865162.

October 1997

LandQuip dealership

We have now become the northern area dealers for Landquip Sprayers. We have been fitting their aluminium booms on our machines for a number of years now and already stock many of the spare parts. This, of course, made it a natural choice to add to our ever expanding range of products.

September 1997

New Hercules high output runway de-icer

The latest development from the Frazier fold is due for delivery to Leeds Bradford International Airport in October to head up its existing range of Frazier runway de-icers. The sprayer unit is built on an articulated trailer that can be towed by any conventional tractor unit. The boom is fitted with twin spray lines and the system configured so that either, or both, lines can be operated at the same time to provide a wide variation of application rates without having to alter nozzles or or working pressure. The sprayer unit can also be built on to either a four wheel trailer or rigid lorry unit. Outputs of up to 500 l/ha can be applied at speeds of up to 20 mph!

Herculese high output runway de-icer

June 1997

New trailed sprayer

We are now about to venture into other new, specialist, markets having just received an order for a giant, 10,000 litre. 24m trailed sprayer! - Watch this space.

Stealth sales on the increase

Since the introduction of the Stealth last year, sales have increased steadily and we have just had a sudden rush on orders - quite unusual for the time of year but very pleasing of course! So we are now looking at ways of increasing production to cope with the unexpected demand and are likely to be increasing the work force both on the fabrication side and in the fitting shops over the next few weeks.

May 1997

Water / liquid fertilizer bowsers

We are currently developing a range of bowsers, with stainless steel tanks, that are suitable for water and liquid fertiliser. They are fitted with a chemical storage cabinet, high output pump unit and sprung axles.


Spring Cleaning

After 7 years of hard use the factory floors were getting a bit messy so we've had a good tidy up, clear out and new lick of floor paint.

A tidy up outside was also overdue so we've had a clean up out there too and re-organised the car park to give us lots more space for visitors.

Welding shop

April 1997

Permanent Web site

We now have a new and permanent Web site - the URL is http://www.frazier.co.uk and new e-mail address - tjf@frazier.co.uk

Fraz on floppy

A new programme - Fraz.exe is now available on floppy disk. It is an exact copy of this web site compressed into an executable file that will run on Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and NT. It will run on any reasonable spec computer with a 256 colour display and hard drive. It comes with its own browser - very similar to any other web browser, and a simple installation routine. If the site continues growing at the current rate then we also hope to make it available on CD. Watch this space!

New super LP tyre for Stealth

The latest new tyre option for the Stealth is the 600/50-22.5. This is a big, expensive tyre but the performance is so good it reduces the ground pressure to even that of our lightest machines!

600/50-22.5 tyre

March 1997

New press brake

Delivered mid March, our new Rico 60T pressbrake will speed up production and improve the fold quality of sheet metal used in the manufacture of the new Stealth cab.

Rico press brake

February 1997

 Internet site

We take the decision to join the electronic revolution and develop our own internet site, as an experiment initially. Once through the initial learning curve, and with the right software, we decide to do it properly - and this is the result! All we need now is a permanent site and World Wide Web domain name - Should be coming soon.

"Auto" mode for four wheel steering

This feature is now being incorporated into all new four wheel steer systems and old systems can be updated if required. When selected the system will switch from 2WS to 4WS automatically as the sprayer is switched on and off for ease of steering down the field and for optimum turning on the headlands.

January 1997

Sales office

The final phase of our factory extension is now complete with the completion of the new sales office/meeting room. We are now in a much better position to receive visitors and to do training courses etc.

Sales Manager

We welcome Stuart Child to the new position of Sales Manager. He has been with the company for several years, originally as a sprayer operator and more recently has taken on the responsibility of delivering machines and instructing in their use. He has also been helping out with shows in 1996 and has looked after on-farm demonstrations. He knows the product very well, not only from the technical point of view but also from the practical side. We wish him well!


Stuart Child in new sales office

Stuart in the new sales office

December 1996

The Stealth HC

The Stealth HC is the latest addition to the Frazier range and is a mid-range, high-clearance, sprayer, designed for high speed work and operator comfort. Its low ground pressure capability also ensures it can be used throughout the year.

Introduced at the shows last year, the prototype has been undergoing exhaustive tests on our contracting division and has so-far won a big thumbs-up! We are now happy that it will do any job required of it and are ready to release it for sale. Please check it out!



Stealth High Clear

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