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Warranty and Conditions of Sale


Machines manufactured by T.J. Frazier Ltd. carry a 12 month or 500 hour warranty (whichever occurs first). Other equipment and parts supplied are covered by their respective manufacturers warranty. If you or your dealer intend fitting anything other than the standard, listed equipment to a Frazier tractor unit, it is advisable that you seek advice from T.J Frazier as to its suitability.

Warranty claims on Frazier tractor units will not be accepted if any equipment fitted is not approved by T.J. Frazier Ltd., if maximum carrying capacity is exceeded, PTO capacity is exceeded or if any warranty work is carried out by any other party without prior notification and authorisation by T.J. Frazier Ltd.

Conditions of sale

The company (T.J. Frazier) has a policy of continuous improvement and in accordance with this policy, alterations in the specifications of goods and machines may be made at any time without notice and the company accepts no responsibilty for any discrepancies which may occur between the specifications of the goods and machines and the descriptions thereof contained in its publications.

All prices are ex-works, exclude VAT, and are subject to alteration without notice.

Notification of damage, deviation, mis-delivery, delay or detention must be made to carriers within 3 days of termination of transit and claims made within 7 days. A claim for non-delivery of goods can only be accepted if received by the carriers within 10 days from date of despatch.

Goods supplied by the company shall be at the purchaser's risk immediately on delivery to the purchaser or into custody on the purchaser's behalf (whichever is the sooner) and the purchaser should therefore be insured accordingly. The legal and beneficial ownership of goods supplied to the purchaser by the company shall remain with the company until all amounts owing to the company from the purchaser have been paid in full. Pending such payment, the purchaser shall hold all goods as bailee for the company ensuring that all goods remain at all times seperately identifiable. Should the goods supplied by the company be incorporated into some other product, the company shall retain a lien over that product until the whole of the purchase price has been received.

In the event of default in payment or on the insolvency of the purchaser if this should occur before the said goods have been paid for in full the company may treat the contract as discharged and demand re-delivery to it, at such places as the company may specify, of all goods in the possession of the purchaser, failing which the company shall be entitled to take such steps as it thinks fit, to arrange such re-delivery, any expenses thereby incurred being the liability of the purchaser.

Any sale by the purchaser of any goods before the property therein has passed pursuant hereto shall be as agent for the company and proceeds of any such sale shall belong to the company and be held by the purchaser seperately from other moneys in its possession. The purchaser shall on demand account to the company for all its dealing with the goods.

All new goods manufactured by the company are subject to our normal 12 month or 500 hour warrranty (whichever occurs first). If the company are not the manufacturers of the goods the company will, where appropriate, pass on any relevant and available warranty from that manufacturer or the company's supplier of those goods. The company makes no warranty on its own behalf in respect of the goods and excludes liabilty in respect thereof and in respect of any consequential loss. This warranty does not affect your statutory or other rights.

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