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The Super-Lightweight Workhorse

The 475 is a new hybrid model from Frazier and was developed through requests by customers for an upgraded version of the 4D fitted with the 5D axles. This makes it an extremely tough little machine that can carry a little more weight than the 4D and is a little lower geared. It is the ideal base unit for those who require a low ground pressure machine that will do all the spraying, spreading and seed drilling on medium size farms where it is often possible to replace a tractor. The machine is also capable of towing light seed harrows, chain harrows and Cambridge rolls to make it a true all-season workhorse.

The suspension on the 475 can be tailored to suit the exact carrying requirements of the customer. By matching the suspension to the load being carried, it will always work at its best to ensure an excellent ride for the operator and to ensure first class spray boom stability.


Agribuggy 475 with 18m sprayer

The chassis is a strengthened version of the 4D with all the running gear of the 5D. The standard low pressure tyres (38x20x16) are as used on the 5D and Stealth.

All the normal options are available for the 475 including four wheel steering, high clearance wheels, spreaders, granule applicators and a whole range of sprayers. If there is any particular thing you want and you haven't seen it on offer yet, why not give us a call to see if we can build a machine to your exact requirements.

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