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The RTT Pioneer
High Speed, 5 Tonne, All Terrain Vehicle

The Pioneer is a high speed, multi purpose, All Terrain Vehicle designed to fill a gap in the market place between the conventional LandRover type utility vehicle and the larger four wheel drive lorry/Unimog. Originally designed by RTT Design Ltd., it is now in the final stages of development and testing and is being manufactured by Frazier under a licensing agreement with RTT

The chassis is of extremely robust construction to give long life and trouble free service in all types of ground and working conditions. Robust axles are fitted with a heavy duty coil spring suspension system which keeps all four wheels firmly on the ground giving it a rough terrain capability very few comparable machines can match. Gradability is 1 in 2.4 and better depending on load configuration. So whether the work site is a ploughed field, roadway, mountainside, building site or chemical plant the Pioneer will cope without fuss. On top of that the maximum road speed of 104kph (64mph) will get you home quickly and in comfort.



The Pioneer under test in a quarry whilst carrying a 1.5t payload. Traction and climbing ability in such adverse conditions is maintained due to the suspension systems ability to keep all four wheels firmly on the ground.

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The Pioneer has a multitude of uses within the construction, civil engineering, industrial, forrestry, public utility and agricultural industries. The 3 tonne carrying capacity allow it to be fitted with a wide range of equipment from aerial work platforms to gritting bodies, snow ploughs, load platforms and crop sprayers to name but a few.


RTT have been manufacturing other models of all terrain access vehicles for many years and have machines working in Scandanavia, Europe, Middle East, Canada and the USA with end users and rental companies. These machines meet and exceed all local regulations for road and site use including German TUEV

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Design and Construction


Forward control and of steel, all-welded construction. Fully fitted and hydraulic tilting for access to engine for major services.


LandRover 300TDI 2.5l turbocharged and intercooled. 83kw (113hp) @ 4000rpm. 265Nm torque @ 1800rpm


Main gearbox 5 speed helical constant mesh with syncromesh on all forward gears. Transfer box with high and low ratios and permanent four wheel drive in all gears. Centre lockable differential for off road use.


335/80 R20 On/off road with self-cleaning tread and high resistance to uneven wear.


Heavy duty coil springs with rubber cone helpers and hydraulic dampers all round

Road speed

104 kph (64 mph)


Rigid ladder type construction fabricated from high yield steel channel sections and tubular cross members.


Gross weight 5.7 T, Kerb weight 2.7T


1 in 1.2


Choice of hydraulic or mechanical systems depending on application.

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