The RTT Pioneer
Video clips

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The videos are in avi format for which you will need you will need Windows Media Player installed on your computer. The files are quite large (average 1 MB) and can take several minutes to download from the internet. If you are particularly interested in the Pioneer please give us a call or e mail us and we will be pleased to send you either the web site on CD which will play the clips much quicker and/or an 8 minute VHS video on which,of course, the quality is much better.


 rttside.avi 1079k

Side slope stability


 rtt45.avi 1144k

45º approach angle


 rttaxle.avi 819k

Axle articulation


 rttspeed.avi 655k

High road speed


 rttdiff.avi 884k

Centre diff lock


 rttbump.avi 688k

Long travel springs

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