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The Stealth HC is one of the latest addition to the Frazier range and is a mid-range, high-clearance, sprayer, designed for high speed working and operator comfort. Its low ground pressure capability also ensures it can be used throughout the year for both spraying and fertiliser spreading.The new mechanical portal axle with reduction gearbox droplegs increase the clearance over the standard machine by 6in to 30in (0.76m) under the axle tube. The drop boxes are positioned within the centre of the wheel for minimal crop disturbance.

The suspension system is new for Frazier and features dual coil springs together with a rubber-bushed, multi-link system. Panhard rods provide lateral stability and anti-roll bars complete the system to enhance cornering and hillside stability. The system as a whole, together with the excellent weight distribution of the machine allows high working speeds without discomfort to the operator whilst also improving the already excellent boom stability

Stealth HC

The HC with 30" clearance

The Chassis is based on that of the standard Stealth but is stepped down behind the mid-mounted engine to keep the centre of gravity of the sprayer as low as possible. Wheel tracks are available from 68in to 78in on the standard row crop wheels and from 72in to 78in on the optional low pressure wheels. The Frazier electronic four wheel steer system is fitted as standard as is the new luxury cab.

Stealth HC on LP wheels

The Stealth HC on 500.60-22.5 LP wheels with 24m sprayer

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