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New for 98 is the Frazier Phantom. Designed to give the operator new levels of comfort to cope with the demands and the long operating hours of the modern agricultural industry. It widens the choice of models on offer and fits into the range between the well proven 5D and the Frazier flagship, the Stealth.

The Phantom cab is built in house and was ergonomically designed using computer aided techniques. It has a flat floor and forward opening door to give easy access to the new, fully adjustable suspension seat. The controls are placed near to hand and the steering column is adjustable fore and aft to suit different operators.

Visibility is excellent through the tinted glass which is bonded into cab structure for strength and sealing. New cab mountings and trim work together to reduce noise levels and add to driver comfort. All Phantoms come with a digital FM radio cassette.

1600l, 24m lightweight sprayer

The Phantom with 1600 litre, 24m lightweight sprayer

 Daily maintenance has been made easier with improved engine access and a tilting roof to give access to the cab filters and the air conditioning - now fitted as standard equipment on all Frazier machines. To keep the interior clean from mud the flat floor can be swept out in seconds and the lower trim panels are wipe clean.

The Phantom chassis is based on that of the 5D and is available with almost endless options. It can be fitted with either 90, or 111hp engines, two or four wheel steering, carrying capacities from 1.5 to 3.0t (1,000 to 2,000 litre sprayers) and with standard or wide axles to suit track widths from 60 to 80 inches.

Phantom TDI2000

Wheel options include 600/50-22.5 low ground pressure wheels making it the ultimate high spec machine with true low ground pressure performance.

Any of the Frazier range of demountable sprayers are available, built as usual to the customers specifications. Frazier can also now offer a larger choice of tanks from a new stainless steel range designed and manufactured in house. All sprayers have optional tank rinsing and quick filling systems with or without flowmeters.

Operators view
Operators view showing finger tip controls

RDS monitoring and automatic controllers are also available to improve accuracy of application with data down loading becoming a popular option for accurate record keeping.

The Phantom can be supplied as a chassis cab or fitted with a wide choice of demountable equipment including fertiliser and granule spreaders.

Various low pressure, intermediate and row crop wheels allow all season use for unrivaled flexibility.

TDI 2000

The TDI 2000 is the top of the Phantom range and is fitted with the LandRover TDI engine with a dual range, 4 speed automatic gearbox. This is the ideal powerhouse, with plenty of low down torque, to match the latest Frazier 2,000 litre demountable sprayer.

The TDI 2000

The automatic gearbox provides versatility in even the most demanding conditions. It turns difficult operating conditions into a unique driving experience - the torque converter makes the engine virtually impossible to stall even with uphill starts or when creeping around potato row ends. It also means an end to gearchanges as you accelerate up to the high working speeds that the machine is capable of! The dual range means there are plenty of low gears and a high road speed at low engine revs. For the ultimate in traction a lockable centre differential in the permanent four wheel drive system ensures all the wheels keep turning no matter what the conditions.

 Please ask for a demo and try the ultimate in drivability yourself!

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