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Frazier’s latest generation of Agribuggy low ground pressure vehicle has been designed for all year round performance and to meet the increased economic and environmental demands of the 90’s.

The 4D is fitted with a 90hp turbo engine with 154nm torque (Jan 2000 onwards) This is around 35% more powerful than the well proven 3D with a massive 60% more torque. This is of particular benefit to operators working on steep hills and difficult terrain and for those using the further capabilities of the 4D for operations such as seed drilling. The 4D shares the same basic chassis/cab as the 3D, again using readily available parts with the majority of the mechanical components being sourced from either Ford or LandRover.

Agribuggy 4D sprayer with 12m sprayer

4D with 18m sprayer

A range of sprayers is available with 12 to 20m booms with 950 litre tanks. All are fitted with high output pumps, motorised controls and stainless steel spraylines which can be fitted with the latest generation of air-assisted, low drift nozzles. Like the other machines in the range, it comes fitted with an accurate electronic speedometer and acre meter with the option of an RDS Delta 3 fully automatic sprayer controller.

For summer use the 4D can be fitted with 7.2x36 wheels to give a respectable 22in clearance under the axle beam - somewhat better than most tractors and ample for spraying cereals and potatoes with minimum crop damage.

4D with 12m sprayer and 7.2x36 row crop wheels

Agribuggy 4D spraying on row crop wheels

A huge range of equipment has been fitted to the 4D over the years with the second most popular use being fertiliser spreading. Many different mounting frames are now available for the most popular makes of twin disc spreaders. Frazier can also adapt different types of pneumatic seed drills, such as the Accord with tool bars up to 4m wide, and pneumatic granule applicators such as the Horstine Farmery TMA4 for spreading granular chemicals, small seeds and slug pellets.

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