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The Agribuggy 3D was developed from the original petrol engined and IID machines. It has a purpose built, hollow section chassis which is very light yet strong and durable. The four wheel drive system, utilising LandRover axles and Ford gearbox, is invaluable when the going gets so tough that its difficult to walk! The 3D is also very well balanced - another essential for optimum traction and minimum ground pressure. The light-weight automotive, diesel engine supplies ample power and a higher power to weight ratio than almost all of the other self-propelled sprayers on the UK market.

3D with 12m sprayer

3D with 12m, 950l Frazier sprayer

One of the secrets of the Agribuggy’s success is in its suspension system and its ability to work at much higher speeds than tractors and other more conventional self-propelled machines. The system not only ensures operator comfort but also gives excellent boom stability - essential for accurate application. All machines can be used on the road with a top speed in excess of 25 mph.

The standard hydraulic system drives a hydraulic motor for the PTO and supplies up to 4 spool valves for boom folding etc. Main components are readily available, at sensible prices, from commercial outlets throughout the country and so running costs are very low especially with a fuel consumption as little as 30 acres to the gallon!

3D with Amazone spreader

Agribuggy 3D with Amazon, twin disc fertiliser spreader

The Agribuggy is available as a basic chassis/cab or with a wide choice of factory fitted options including four wheel steering, spool valves, hydraulic systems and electronic sprayer controllers from RDS. Other optional application equipment includes sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, granule applicators and front mounted electrobroadcasters for small seeds and slug pellets. There is also a wide choice of row crop, intermediate and narrow row crop wheels available to make the 3D a true all year round machine.

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