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The TMA4 spreader from Horstine Farmery Ltd is a precision built pneumatic applicator designed for high speed broadcasting of granular agrochemicals and small seeds. All granular pesticides currently cleared for use in the U.K. can be applied with the machine as can oilseed rape, grass, clover, cereals, slug pellets and stubble turnips.

4D fitted with TMA4

 The Agribuggy is the ideal base unit for the TMA4 due to the ability of both to work at high speed and due to the combination of very light weight and low ground pressure. The demountable conversion, carried out by Frazier, can be fitted to any of the Agribuggy range of machines and can easily be removed when machine is required for spraying or spreading. The pneumatic fan on the spreader and the hydraulic folding 12m booms are operated by the standard hydraulic system on the Agribuggy. The metering rollers are driven either by the standard land wheel or, a hydraulic drive conversion can be carried out by Frazier with in-cab speed control.

The TMA4 has a robust, translucent, polythene hopper from which the granules are metered into an air stream which transports them to outlets along the boom where they are spread by impact plates. The standard landwheel drive ensures exact metering of material regardless of forward speed and the application rate can be changed by varying the pulleys between the landwheel and metering cartridge. The cartridge can be changed to suit the type of material in use and either of the two metering units, which feed each side of the boom, can be disengaged with a friction clutch.

For further information on the TMA4 spreader unit please contact either ourselves or Horstine Farmery Ltd.

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