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Any of the Frazier range of machnes can be fitted with an Electrobroadcaster for spreading slug pellets, small seeds and in some cases granular chemicals. We can offer units from both Stocks and Lishman both of which work on similar principles. (The Stocks unit is pictured below). They have an electric motor to drive the spinner and an electrical device for shutting off the flow of material. It is controlled by a simple switchbox in the cab. The complete unit can be removed from the machine in a cople of minutes and can be utilised on other machines if required.


The Stocks Electrobroadcaster mounted on the rear of the spray boom on a 24m sprayer. Brackets are fitted underneath the spreader which are mounted to the sliding frame on the height mast - this means the weight is not taken by the boom itself and therfore does not affect the boom suspension and stability


Stocks Electrobroadcaster

Various different mounting systems are available depending on machine model and equipment fitted. On some models the unit can be front mounted but rear mounting is preferred to throw the material backwards and away from the machine. Spreading widths are up to 24metres with slug pellets.

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