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The following list shows all the options currently available for the 3D. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like information or prices on any other equipment that is not shown. Click on any of the highlighted words for further information.

Machine options


Agribuggy 3D chassis/cab on LP tyres


Four wheel steering


Air conditioning


12hp & customised hydraulic systems


Double acting spool valves (up to 3 may be fitted in addition to standard valve)


RDS Pro series automatic sprayer controller


Wheel Equipment


38x14x20 (required for 60" track) (in lieu of standard wheels)


38x20x16 ultra-low ground pressure tyres (in lieu of standard wheels)


7.2x36 row crop wheels


9.5x24 intermediate wheels


12.4x16 Intermediate wheels


Wheel centres only (24.25" pcd)


Underbody crop sheet


Demountable equipment


Fertiliser spreader demount frame


Electro-broadcaster (slug pellets etc)


Horstine Farmery TMA4 demount frame/fitting charge


TMA4 hydraulic drive conversion kit


Airseeder demount frame / fitting (approx)


Sprayers (steel booms)


12m / 950l (1 additional D/A spool valve also required)


16M / 950l (1 additional D/A spool valve also required)


18m / 950l (2 additional D/A spool valves also required)


20m / 950l (2 additional D/A spool valves also required)


Sprayers (aluminium booms)


18m/950l (2 additional D/A spool valves also required)


20m/950l (3 additional D/A spool valves also required)


Sprayer options


Sprayline Purge system

£ 500

Triplet nozzle bodies(per metre)


Hydraulic tilt (12/16m sprayers - additional D/A spool also required)


12m spraying kit (flip-out sections for 18/20m booms)


240l/min pump (12-18m sprayers)


Quick fill kit


Tank wash system (100l) (Now fitted as standard)


Wash down system


Sprayer demount legs and jacks


Boutmarker 12m


Boutmarker 24m


Ponyflow (tank-fill flow meter)


Prices are current at date of last issue (Jan 2000). Prices exclude VAT which is chargeable at current rate at date of invoice. Prices are ex-works and include fitting charges where appropriate

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