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Pony Flow

The Pony Flow flowmeter can be fitted onto the liquid intake or into any sprayer filling hose to give a direct readout of the volume of liquid pumped or sucked into the sprayer. This is ideal for adding exact volumes of liquid fertiliser or water to a part filled spray tank when it is often difficult to read a conventional tank contents gauge accurately.

Pony Flow flowmeter

The Pony Flow is a completely self-contained unit with a digital readout and is powered by a small battery. We normally supply it complete with cam-loc couplers to enable quick attachment and to allow it to be used on different machines. It is completely corrosion proof with the body being made of nylon and the turbine of stainless steel.

The flow rate range for the 2" flowmeter is 72 - 750 lpm. Many other sizes and types are also available - please ask for further details.

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