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Pneumatic Seed Drills

The development work on the Frazier drilling system was carried out during the spring of 1990. The prototype unit completed field trials very successfully on a variety of soil types and field conditions. It was found that drilling speeds of up to 8 mph could be achieved in the best conditions and 5mph in the worst, allowing outputs of up to 70 acres/day

Accord airseeder on Agribuggy 4D 4WS

The demountable unit is attached to the Agribuggy with 6 bolts and can be removed with relative ease. The tool bar is fitted to an adjustable hydraulic parallel linkage powered by the Agribuggy's built-in hydraulic system. The seed metering mechanism is land wheel driven and automatically disengages when the toolbar is lifted.

Vicon Airseeder

A slightly higher powered hydraulic PTO system was also developed on the Agribuggy (now fitted as standard) which powers the pneumatic fan unit. A front mounted marker system enables the operator to follow marks left by the disk markers on the drill and the standard specification for the 4 metre/32 row unit also includes wheel track eradicators, hopper low level sensor, hopper cover, hopper sieve, seed covering tines, and a 3/5 rhythm tramline system.

Vicon airseeder on Agribuggy 3D

The lightweight construction of the drill unit and Agribuggy ensures that compaction is kept to an absolute minimum with a fully laden weight of only just over 2.5 tonnes. The Agribuggy system now enables you to carry out all operations in the field after main cultivations which is a big step forward in reducing soil compaction, increasing workrates and reducing costs - the Agribuggy will, in many cases, mean a tractor can be disposed of.

Frazier can either supply a complete drill unit, factory fitted, or can modify a customers own drill unit. The modifications include fabricating a new subframe complete with it's own hydraulic linkage, extending pipework, re-positioning the landwheel drive and repositioning the pto drive and modifying the drill framework.

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