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Product Information - 12m flip-outs

The optional "flip-out" sections on the 18 and 20m booms increase their versatility by allowing spraying at 12 metres. This is ideal for contractors where different spraying widths need to be catered for.

The tip folds out manually and can be left out in the open position as long as required for 12m work. The plumbing is arranged so that outer sections are switched off at the sprayer control panel and the two extra jets on each side are switched on with two isolator valves.

12m Flipouts

The big advantage over the majority of other 12/18 & 12/20m booms is the breakback facility which protects the boom in the event of collisions with the hedge!

When not required, the design of the breakback allows the tip to fold back 180° and is then completely out of the way for normal 18 and 20m spraying.

12m flipouts

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