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The following sprayers are all specials that have been built to exact customer requirements. Because of the way we manufacture the sprayers, combined with many years of experience manufacturing and using them, we are confident that we can build sprayers to suit virtually any specification and still retain first class reliability and ease of use.

Jaguar Tunnel sprayer

A completly new innovation from the Frazier factory. This machine has been developed to work in "Spanish" tunnels for a large soft fruit grower.

The design of this machine had to cope with the height and curvature of the polythene tunnels,so we designed and constructed a new cab to give a maximum height of 2.1 metres on 12 x 28 wheels.The cab was also moved forward to give a new low driving position and more glazed areas were introduced to improve visability.

The basic chassis remains the same, based on a Phantom 4W/S to give the maximum manoevrability needed for working in the tunnels. The machine has now been fitted with a special air blast sprayer to suit the customers needs.

A front mounted hydraulic parallel linkage has also been developed to carry a small inter-row sprayer

This project proved once again that we can offer almost any adaption to our range of machines and we hope to do more in the future.




9m Vegetable sprayer


New in the spring of 1997, this sprayer was built for spraying in 6ft vegetable beds. The 9m boom is based on our standard 12m hydraulic fold unit and is split into 5 sections with 4 nozzles on each section at 18" spacing. 11 x 24 intermediate wheels were specified as being the most suitable and other options included RDS Delta 3 automatic sprayer controller, tank wash system and four wheel steering.

9m Vegetable bed sprayer

12m High output strawberry sprayer

Developed in 1995 and built for specialist strawberry growers in Germany, this machine is fitted with a very high output spraying system to allow the application of up to 2,000 litres/hectare! Tank capacity is higher than standard at 1,800 litres and a wide axle kit is fitted to allow for the 2m track width (79"). Slow working speeds are catered for by fitting an extra low ratio first gear and low final drive.

12m Strawberry sprayer
12m / 1800l high output sprayer

The sprayer is built to enable spraying at up to 10 bar pressure with air-assisted nozzles and the boom is removable to fit an inter-row sprayer.
The high outputs are achieved by fitting a twin pump system which will give an output of up to 346 litres/min at 10 bar pressure. This requires a special uprated hydraulic system to be fitted to the Agribuggy which utilises the water in the spray tank to cool the oil.

Twin spray pumps
Twin 4 cyl. pumps for 340 lpm

18m Strawberry sprayer

This 18m strawberry sprayer is fitted with twin spray lines - one conventional line and one specifically for strawberries. The latter has 3 nozzles close together every metre for spraying over each row. A single nozzle body is fitted in between each row to which is fitted a drop leg which has a further 4 nozzles attached for spraying the strawberry plants from each side.

18m Strawberry sprayer
18m sprayer with twin lines

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