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What Was New in 1998

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These are the updates we made to the web site together with news of most of the new things we did and products we introduced during 1998.

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Last Update

Pages added and updated

27 Nov

Secondhand update,

29 Oct

Secondhand update,

26 Sep

New dealer for Borders & Northumberland

22 Sep

Secondhand update, First export to France , Link to Smithfield web site.

2nd Sep

New dealer for Scotland, Info-base now available on CD, Secondhand update

13th Aug

New sprayer control system, Electrobroadcasters, Secondhand update

17th Jul

Secondhand update Frazier Info-base

2nd Jul

Secondhand update

8th Jun

The TDI 2000 - unveiled at last! Direct sales in Yorks & Lincs. New dealer in north west- R.F. & M. Mercer. A few more links on the links page. S/H update. Comparison of machine weights

22 May

The RTT All Terrain Vehicle - All new project for Frazier, S/H update

13 May

More pictures on the Jaguar (also see below). Coming soon - The Full Monty

15 Apr

S/H update, The new Lowline Jaguar

1st Apr

S/H update The new TDI engine & auto gearbox (See below)

27 Feb

More news on the giant Hercules run way de-icer and a new dealer in France, T.&L. Belither, new show in France added to Calendar.

25 Feb

New product page - Phantom, Phantom options/prices, Phantom specs, secondhand update, general product page update

23 Feb

News of two more new developments on this page - the Jaguar and new engine and transmission options from LandRover.

16 Feb

News of the latest new model below - the Phantom, secondhand update, Whats new 97 archive, 98 show calendar, New dealer - W.M. Staite (Jersey). Link to Tractornet

October 1998

New dealer for the Borders & Northumberland

Our new dealers for Northumberland and the Borders are Cleveland Crop Sprayers based at Dunns near Berwick. They specialise in spraying machinery and are main distributors for the Gambetti range of sprayers.

| More info |

First export to France

Our first export to France - a TDI2000 with 24m boom, was sold after a very successful demonstration on a farm in the Mid-Pyrenees in the South of France. This was a few days after the end of the Innov-Agri exhibition near Paris in early September.
Until recently farmers in France have generally only been interested in very big, high clearance machines with hydrostatic drive. However, the majority of these machines do not perform particularly well on the extreme steep slopes found in the southern part of the country and neither are they very stable.. The TDI2000 came into its own on these slopes with its high power to weight ratio, low centre of gravity and its mechanical transmission system with easy to use automatic gearbox.


September 1998

New dealer for Scotland
Our new dealers for Scotland are T.R.P. (Scotland) Ltd.. Based near Perth they specialise in Potato machinery and will be covering Scotland from Edinburgh northwards.

| More info |

Web site & Info-base available on CD
Our latest information database consists of this complete web-site plus a rapidly growing parts and reference book. (See below). Due to the expanding size of it all it is impractical to supply it on floppy disc so we have now made it available on CD for convenience - Please give us a call if you're interested

August 1998

New sprayer control system

All new sprayers as of August 1998 will be fitted with electric boom control units from Spraying Systems. These are a very high output valve and incorporate a quick change, balanced return system. This means that when any individual boom section or multiple boom sections are switched off the flow is re-directed to the tank through an adjustable restrictor thereby keeping the spraying pressure constant. A colour coded dial is fitted (matched to ISO nozzle colours) which is simply rotated to the appropriate position whenever the nozzles are changed. This then lines up the correct restrictor (which can be pre-set) for that particular nozzle fitted.

| More info |

New boom control valves

July 1998

Frazier Info-base

The latest improvement to our web-site is the development of our new information database. This is held within a restricted area on the server with different levels of password protected access. The information ranges from our product price lists to tips and updates for end users and parts and technical information for dealers and repairers. It's still very early days and there is not much to see yet - we envisage that it will be some time before it is fully up to speed. We would, of course, be pleased to hear of any suggestions of for information you would like to see made available and will do our best to oblige.

If you are a bona-fide end user, dealer or repairer or if you are interested in our products and would like pricing information then please give us a call or e-mail us for a user name and password. The links to the restricted area are at the bottom left of our home page.

June 1998

Unveiled at last

We are now pleased to be able offer our latest development and highest capacity lightweight sprayer yet - The TDI 2000. The machine is available initially based on the Phantom chassis and will also soon be available based on the flagship Stealth. Main features are the new LandRover 113hp engine, a dual range fully automatic gearbox and a new sprayer with 2,000l stainless steel tank.

| More info |


TDI 2000

Direct sales in Yorks & Lincs

Our main distributors for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Spraycare, have decided to cease selling spraying machinery after 20 years. We have had an extremely good trading relationship with Spraycare over the last seventeen years but now, as in other areas of the industry, the time has come for change. We, as manufacturers, are now in a position to offer a continuation of the same sales and after care service with our own range of machinery that our customers in these areas have enjoyed in the past.

May 1998

The RTT All Terrain Vehicle

The RTT is a high speed, multi purpose, All Terrain Vehicle designed to fill a gap in the market place between the conventional LandRover type utility vehicle and the larger four wheel drive lorry/Unimog. Originally designed by RTT Design Ltd., it is now in the final stages of development and testing and is being manufactured by Frazier under a licensing agreement with RTT.

| More Info |

March 1998

The Frazier Jaguar is released.

A completely new innovation from the Frazier factory. This machine has been developed to work in "Spanish" tunnels for a large soft fruit grower.

The design of this machine had to cope with the height and curvature of the polythene tunnels,so we designed and constructed a new cab to give a maximum height of 2.1 metres on 12 x 28 wheels.The cab was also moved forward to give a new low driving position and more glazed areas were introduced to improve visibility.

The basic chassis remains the same, based on a Phantom 4W/S to give the maximum maneuverability needed for working in the tunnels. The machine is now being fitted with a special air blast sprayer to suit the customers needs and we'll bring you more pictures of the machine at work soon.

This project proved once again that we can offer almost any adaption to our range of machines and we hope to do more in the future.

| More info |



The Jaguar

The lowline Jaguar has also been fitted with a front mounted, hydraulic parallel linkage to carry a small inter-row sprayer

February 1998

110hp - You have been asking for it!

We can now offer the Stealth and Phantom with the Land Rover 300 series TDI engine giving a massive 110hp with enormous torque capabilities. This is coupled to a 4 speed Automatic gearbox with high and low range giving 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Like other recent Frazier developments, ease of operation is a high priority with reduced noise levels due to lower operating engine revs, and, of course, field operation and maneuvering is simplicity itself with reduced stress for both the operator and the machine.

This is a totally new concept for the self propelled sprayer giving the operator an easier driving technique but still retaining the proven design of permanent four wheel drive and mechanical axles with the addition of a centre diff lock.

The first machine is already working for all to see, watch this space - more news soon!

January 1998

Phantom launched

Designed to give the operator new levels of comfort the Phantom fits into the range between the 5D and the Stealth. The cab is built in house and was ergonomically designed using computer aided techniques. The chassis is based on that of the 5D and is available with all the usual options including either 75, 90, or 110hp engines, 1000 to 1600 litre tanks, standard or wide axles giving track widths up to 80 inches, and wheel options including the 600/50-22.5 low ground pressure wheels giving it true low ground pressure performance.

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