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What's New 1999

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These are the updates we made to the web site together with news of most of the new things we did and products we introduced during 1999.

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Last Update

Pages added and updated


Secondhand update.

8th Dec

Show calendar 2000

3rd Dec

Secondhand update.

20th Oct

Standard nozzle application rate chart

22nd Sep

Billericay Air Bubble Jets

11th Sep

RTT Video clips

1st Sep

Secondhand update.

5th Aug

Secondhand update

4th Aug

New site search engine

17th Jul

Updated Links page with lots of new links

14th Jul

RTT ATV update, RTT full specification, RTT off-road pics

8th Jul

Secondhand update, New download page, RDS Pro series.

11th Jun

Instrumentation & cab update, Secondhand update.

24th April

Sprayline purging system, Airtec sprayers, Gambetti sprayers.

8th Feb

Lamma show success, New Heavy Duty axle, Calendar update, Secondhand update. New links to Profi magazine and Cyber411 search engine.

12 Jan

Secondhand update, Show Calendar

August 1999

New search engine

Our site is now getting quite big and comprehensive so we have installed this new search engine, which you will also find on several other pages, to help you find what you are looking for. It can also be used to search the web.



This Site The Web

Get your own Search Engine

July 1999

RDS Pro Series

The recently introduced RDS Pro series automatic sprayer controller is now fitted as standard on all the Phantom/Stealth models (see June news below). It combines some of the functions of previous monitors such as PTO/shaft speeds, overspeed and four wheel steer warnings with all the functions of RDS's previous sprayer controller - the Delta 3. A computer simulation is now available for download

| More info | Download simulation |

The Frazier version of the RDS Pro Series.

RTT ATV update

The RTT Pioneer all-terrain vehicle is nearing completion of the final testing process and will soon be put into production. (also see Whats new - May 98) The latest tests have been carried out in some fairly extreme conditions in a quarry whilst carrying a 1.5 tonne payload - It was extremely succesful and it proved its all-terrain capability beyond all expectations. Over 1,000 miles have now been clocked up both on and off the road. We also now have our own off-road course next to the factory where we are putting it through its paces on a daily basis - please give us a call if you wish to arrange a test drive.

More info

June 1999

Instrumentation and cab update

Improvements for this autumn include a new fully adjustable steering column for both the Stealth and Phantom models, a new fully adjustable seat and new instrumentation.

Integrated within the column is a new instrument and warning light cluster and switches for wipe,wash, lights and indicators etc. The analogue instrumentation is much clearer to read than the previous digital instruments and all the important information is visible at the same time.

The latest RDS Pro series instrument is used for automatic control of the sprayer and incorporates tachometers for up to two PTO speeds. A revised sprayer control panel is fitted with sealed switches and manual pressure override.

The update makes a significant improvement to the ergonomics and because the column can be pushed well forwards out of the way makes cab access much easier.

The new adjustable column & instrument cluster in a Phantom together with the RDS Pro series and sprayer control on the right

May 1999

Sprayline purging system

To keep up with the latest environmental demands we have now developed our own sprayline purging system. The system allows the operator to purge the spray lines to get rid of air and water. As soon as the sprayer is switched on there is chemical along the full length of the boom and spraying can be started straight away. The system also allows the operator to wash the lines out with clean water from the onboard tank without having to empty the main tank and without having to spray chemical out onto the ground.

The purge system is controlled by a single lever with it only taking 30 seconds to purge the lines once the sprayer has been filled.

Single lever operation for the purge system

April 1999

Airtec Sprayers for Jersey

We have recently delivered two new Phantom TDIs to the Island of Jersey fitted with Airtec spraying systems. They will be primarily used for spraying Jersey's main crop - potatoes. The machines were customised to suit the customers needs with the main requirements being that they had to be very manoevrable but with an overall width of no more than 1.8M - A tall order but we managed it by fitting four wheel steering, a modified Gambetti boom and 9.5 x 28 intermediate wheels.

More info

March 1999

Gambetti Sprayers

We have recently become distibutors for the Gambetti range of tractor mounted and trailed sprayers in Yorshire and North Lincolnshire. We have a lot of experience with the booms in particular on these sprayers - we have been using them on our own demounts for many years now. The components used on the units are also well known to us with many of the parts already being carried in stock.
Some stock machines should be arriving shortly and we will aim to get all the details and specifications on to the web site over the next few months. - Watch this space!

February 1999

New Heavy duty axle available

Latest option on the Phantom and Stealth TDIs is a new heavy duty axle. The new axle lowers the machines overall gearing with the addition of an epicyclic hub reduction unit. This reduces the torque and stress in the whole transmission system, thereby enhancing durability.

More info

January 1999

Lamma show success

Not only were we very pleased with the response at the Lamma show at Newark this year but we were also very pleased to be awarded with one of the best new product awards for the new Phantom TDI sprayer and also an award for the best supporting stand!

We have a tremendous amount of interest with our latest machine at the moment with an order book now an almost embarrassing 15 weeks long. The TDI engine, automatic gearbox and the new 2,000 litre option has got things off to a cracking start for 1999 after a steady year overall in 1998 - although we must admit the wet winter has helped a little too!


Sales Manager Stuart Child with the awards collected at Lamma

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