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Airtec sprayers

The Airtec, air-assisted spraying system has been fitted to several of our machines over the years by other manufacturers and some of our distributors. The two machines built recently for Jersey have been built totally by ourselves and we are (needless to say) very pleased with the results.

The latest two machines delivered to Jersey in February 1999 were Phantom TDI's fitted with 1600 litre sprayers, 12m Gambetti booms and Airtec.

The sprayers are based on our own demount units and were fitted with stainless steel tanks with integral wash tanks. The main Airtec spraying system components - i.e. nozzle bodies, compressor etc were supplied by Cleanacres and were fitted by ourselves. The sprayers were also fitted with tank wash systems and connections to allow the use of hand lances.

Phantom TDI & 1600l/12m Airtec sprayer

The sprayers were designed to operate with conventional spray nozzles when higher appliction rates are required.

The spray pump and air compressor are driven independently by our own unique hydraulic system. Both hydraulic motors can be controlled from the cab and depending on whether the Airtec is being used or not, each motor can be switched between a high or low oil flow circuit . This means that the hydraulics are always working efficiently and the minimum amount of power is taken from the engine.

One of the main features of the machines was the narrow overall width - for anyone who has been to Jersey they will understand the problem of all the extremely narrow roads.

9.5x28 intermediate/row crop wheels were fitted on a 60" (1.52m) track width to suit potato rows and four wheel steering was a must for maximum manoevrability in the small fields and tight headlands.

Gambetti cross-over booms were utilised because of the ability to "shrink" the centre section down to the overall width required. 15m outer sections were used and cut down to give the required overall spraying width.

Independent boom folding with suspension locks means that the tractor can be driven round the outside of the field with only one side of the boom folded out spraying.

Both units were fitted with the RDS/Cleanacres "Magic box" automatic rate controller. This unit controls both air and liquid pressure to keep not only the application rate constant but also the spray quality.

Modified Gambetti boom to reduce overall width to less than 1.8m

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