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Options - Heavy duty axle

Latest option on the Phantom and Stealth TDIs is a new heavy duty axle. The new axle lowers the machines overall gearing with the addition of an epicyclic hub reduction unit. This reduces the torque and stress in the whole transmission system, thereby enhancing durability.

There are more lower gears available for use in the field with the axle being an ideal match for the 8 speed automatic gearbox. Road speed is, however a little slower on 550/45-22.5 low pressure wheels but is still around 25 mph (40 kph).

The new axle fitted with Michelin 480/65 R 28 radial tyres

The new axle allows a slightly larger diameter row crop wheel to be fitted (9.5 x 40) which increases the ground clearance by around 3". An electronic speed limiter is fitted to prevent the maximum road speed of 30 mph being exceeded when row crop wheels are fitted.

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