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RDS Pro Series

The recently introduced RDS Pro series automatic sprayer controller is now fitted as standard on all Phantom/Stealth models. It combines some of the functions of Frazier's previous ICM monitor such as PTO/shaft speeds, engine speed, overspeed and four wheel steer warning systems with all the functions of RDS's previous sprayer controller - the Delta 3. This gives fully automatic control of the spraying pressure regardless of forward speed to ensure that the application rate remains constant at all times.

The new controller has a large screen display and is much easier to operate and setup than previous models. The system is very intuitive and learning is quick and easy without the need for instruction books and programming cards.

Many improvements have been made to both hardware and software in the Pro Series to improve not only its operation but also the durability and reliability of the unit. The reaction time for the automatic sprayer control has been increased considerably over the Delta range. This allows simpler two way boom isolator valves to be used without having any significant pressure variations when boom sections are switched on and off and gives an overall improvement in accuracy.

Frazier's version of the RDS Pro series automatic controller.





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A further advantage of the unit is in its hardware standardisation and software upgradability. This means that all the units carried by RDS are exactly the same whether it be a weighlog, sprayer controller, drill controller or a special version for an OEM such as ourselves. The only difference in the units is in the software - the advantage here is that units in the field can be upgraded to the latest software by a simple upload from a lap-top computer. Data downloading and GPS systems will also be available in the near future both in new units and as a software upgrade.

A computer simulation is available for download - This unique tool is not only useful for demonstration purposes but also allows us to instruct a larger group of people in its operation than can be held in the machine's cab!. It also simplifies fault finding and instruction over the phone as we can load the simulation on our computer and talk an operator through it on a mobile phone thereby improving our service to the customer and reducing downtime.

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