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Billercay Air Bubble Jets

Billericay Air Bubble jets are now being used by many of our customers and our own contracting division to reduce drift and improve leaf contact. The following information has been taken from Billericays own sales literature

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The revoltionary Air Bubble Jet - a new concept in spray technology

The Bubble Jets draw air into the stream of liquid being sprayed, producing two positive effects:

  They reduce the number of very small droplets - the ones that cause drift.

  They create air bubbles in the larger droplets which then collapse on contact with the leaf and the liquid disperses evenly.

This overcomes the problems of the conventional nozzle which forms both large and small droplets - the large ones running off the leaf and the small ones drifting.

Air Bubble Jets ensure that chemical contact with the leaf is improved and drift is reduced

How it works

The liquid being sprayed passes through a removable tapered nozzle A which accelerates the liquid and projects the flow into the tapered mouth of the venturi B.

This creates a vacuum which causes air to be sucked in through two slots marked C.

The mixture of air and liquid is compressed as it passes through the mixing chamber D and is then sprayed through a fan nozzle E


BCPC classes spray quality as Fine, Medium and Coarse. Jets which include air are not yet in this scheme. Tests with the ABJ indicate they are comparable to Medium/Coarse standard jets.

Operating details

The Air Bubble Jet is precision made in five sizes - 015,02,03,04 and 05 - which cover application rates from 37 to 430 litres per hectare.

Pressure should be between 2.0 and 3.5 bar. The fan angle is about 100 degrees - this varies slightly according to the operating pressure as the mixture of air and liquid is compressable.

Air Bubble Jets fit any standard nozzle body and can be used for both agricultural spraying machines and knapsack sprayers. They are normally supplied in packets of 10 and are coloured green, yellow, blue, red or brown according to size.

LERAP star ratings

The PSD have now awarded the Billericay Air Bubble Jets with the following star ratings:

  02 2 star at 2.0 bar
  03 3 star at 2.0 bar
  04 3 star at 2.0 bar
  05 3 star at 2.0 bar

Under LERAP (Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides) requirements, this type of nozzle enables users to reduce spray buffer zones to one metre when applying category B products, regardless of the size of watercourse or the application rate.

Application rates

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