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Product Information - 20m spraying kit for 24m alloy booms

The optional removable or flip-over tips on the 24m alloy booms increases their versatility by allowing spraying at 20 metres. This is ideal for contractors where different spraying widths need to be catered for.

In the case of the flip-over tip, a simple bracket is fitted to remove the tension from the breakback spring and a small pin is removed. The whole tip can then be flipped over and carried on the top of the centre section. A ball valve is fitted to isolate the liquid in the sprayline.

Removing 24m tip

In the case of the removable tip, a bolt needs to be removed as well as the small pin to remove the tip and a quick release coupling is used to disconnect the sprayline.

To protect the boom from damage when spraying at 20 metres a hydraulic relief valve is fitted into the hydraulic boom folding system to allow the centre section to break-back in the event of collisions with the hedge!

Alloy boom - flipover tip

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