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The Agribowser for Water and Liquid fertiliser

Frazier can supply bowsers built to customer requirements. They can be supplied with new tanks in either mild or stainless steel or with used tanks in stainless steel (subject to availability). 6,000 or 9,000 litre (1300/2,000 gal) tank sizes are currently available and all units have fully sprung tandem axles, hydraulic brakes, mudguards and full road lighting. A sprung drawbar is also available as an option.


The unit is fitted with a 2 inch, engine driven, 750lpm (175gpm) centrifugal pump. A suction hose with a floating strainer is supplied to enable filling from an open water source and a filter unit is fitted in the line before the tank. A valve arrangement allows liquid to be pumped directly into the tank or through the separate filling hose into a sprayer.


2 large chemical storage lockers are fitted for carrying chemical containers with fold-down lid s which can be used as a working shelves. Various chemical induction hoppers and chemical transfer systems are also available which fit into the sprayer filling hose to allow chemicals to be transferred directly into the sprayer whilst filling.

Sample retail prices

Standard 8,500 litre as above


6,000 litre, single axle


Flotation tyres

Add £200 / wheel

Sprung drawbar

Add £900

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