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Ford XLD 418TCI, 4cyl, 1753cc, turbo/intercooled diesel. 90hp, 180Nm torque.


5 speed syncro gearbox with integral viscous differential driving both axles


Heavy duty, industrial axles with 4 pin, hypoid differentials. ratio 6.16:1.


Extra H.D leaf springs with coil assisters on rear axle and heavy duty shock absorbers on front


Hydrostatic power steering with optional electronic four wheel steer.

Turning circle

10m (33ft) centres on LP tyres and on row crops with 68in track and above. 13m on row crops with 60in track.


Servo-assisted, twin line hydraulic system with 11in discs all round.

Parking brake

Cable operated, disc type transmission brake mounted on rear axle.


Isolated Q cab with carbon filtration and air conditioning as standard.


Frazier ICM monitor with full engine instruments, speed/area meter.

Power take off

Hydraulic, 6hp with electronic speed control and tachometer. Higher powered systems optional.


One single acting spool valve fitted as standard, up to 3 more double or single acting optional. Special systems on request.

Carrying capacity

2.25 tonnes including weight of sprayer/spreader, optional equipment and load.

Track widths

LP tyres 66in to 72in (pre-set). Row crops 60in to 72in (adjustable). Special LP wheels available for 60" track. Wide axle option for 80" track.

Ground clearance

24 inches under axle tubes (with 7.2x40 row crop wheels)

Low pressure tyres

Goodyear 38x20x16 with tractor pattern grips. (Fitted as standard equipment).

Row crop wheels

7.2, 8.3 or 9.5 x 36, or 7.2x40. Other sizes of intermediate wheel on request.

Weight (approx)

Unladen 1.9T, 2.8T with average spec 24m, alloy boom sprayer and approx. 4.4T loaded.

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