August 2000 Special offers

Bubble jets

Billericay Air Bubble Jets with a LERAP low drift 3 Star ratings. Extends spraying day oppertunities. Cuts spray drift by up to 75%.


RRP £3.50

Offer price:

£3.00 ea

Tip Caps

New one piece nozzle & cap in one moulding - easy to change, no more reassembling parts when changing jets - ISO colour coded - wide range of sizes available.


RRP £2.50

Offer price:

£1.60 ea

Standard tips

Standard 80/110 degree Kemetal spray nozzles from Lurmark

RRP £1.73

Offer price:

£1.35 ea



Boutmarker kits available for up to 24mt boom widths - supplied as a kit c/w compressor, lines dispensers and control box - easy to install.

RRP £550

Offer price:


Chemical Inductor

GRP chemical Inductors to suit most makes of sprayer. Fitted with raise/lower linkage, can wash nozzle, flush ring, wash hose and supplied with weld on mounting socket. Kit comes complete with valves and pipework

RRP £475

Offer price:


Frazier hand wash / clothing lockers

1 new unit, shop soiled can be used as a second unit for storage.

RRP £150

Offer price:

£90 ea

Hardi Cleanwater/ handwash bottles

2 used bottles for clean water/hand wash/boutmarker to fit on to any sprayer. All clean and in good cond. c/w mounting brackets

Offer price:

£40.00 ea

S/H Amazone ZAU spreader mounting frame

To suit Agribuggy range. Carries spreader using 3 point linkage mountingt points to avoid strain on framework. Also allows disc angle and height to be adjusted.

RRP £420

Offer price:



S/H Demount legs

To suit 12/24m alloy and steel boom demount sprayers. Various sets available

RRP £500

Offer price:


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