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Technical reference page: 28

RDS - Hydraulic cut-out switch

The hydraulic cutout switch can be fitted into one of the external hydraulic service pipes that controls a fertilizer spreader shut-off This will then start and stop the RDS acremeter when the spreader is switched on and off at the headlands.

For the switching system to work correctly it must be fitted into a hydraulic pipe that is under pressure when the spreader is switched OFF. Most spreader shut offs work like this with a return spring to switch the spreader on. If your spreader works the opposite way round then a relay must be fitted into the wiring system (See diagram below).

The switch is not suitable for spreaders fitted with double acting ram systems.


The most suitable place for the switch is directly underneath the hydraulic spool valve on the Agribuggy. To fit, simply remove the appropriate feed pipe for the spreader shut-off, fit the tee-piece/switch unit and fasten the pipe back onto the bottom. The wires can then be connected to the two wires for the RDS cut-out which you should find somewhere near the hydraulic couplings ( Green/yellow wires )


When the spreader shut-off is operated the acremeter should start and stop recording. On some installations you may find it necessary to have the sprayer controls switched on for the

switch to function correctly. When the sprayer is in use you may find it necessary to dis-connect one of the pressure switch wires for the acre-meter to work correctly with the sprayer control panel.