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Technical reference page: 31

RDS - Frazier "Buggymeter" reset/programming

Total reset

Should the meter "throw a wobbler" it will need a total reset and will then require the correct calibration figures re-programming in. To do this procede as follows:

Turn the ignition switch off, hold down all three buttons (RDS, Engine/pto & gg) and with your third hand turn the ignition back on again. As soon as the head unit powers up release all three buttons. The unit will then require re-programming as below.


Each of the two channels must be programmed with the number of pulses the sensor gives per rev of the relevant shaft. The calibration factors are:
Engine - pulses per revolution = 12.50
PTO - pulses per revolution = 1.000

i) Press Engine/PTO switch to select the Engine channel

ii) The pulses/rev switch is located beneath the second ‘g’ of the Agribuggy logo.

iii) Press and hold this switch

iv) The display will change to show the number of pluses/rev currently programmed. The decimal point will be flashing.

v) Still holding the ‘g’ switch, press and hold the Engine/PTO switch. The decimal point will advance from left to right, go off screen and reappear on the left. When it is in the correct position, release the Engine/PTO switch.

vi) The left hand digit will now flash. Press and hold the Engine/PTO switch to cycle this digit to the correct value. Release the Engine/PTO switch to hold this figure and move to the next digit.

vii) Repeat for each digit.

viii) When the correct figure is displayed, release the ‘g’ switch.

Press the Engine/PTO switch to select the PTO channel and then repeat the above procedure to set PTO factor.