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Technical reference page: 39

Hydraulic spool valves - fitting additonal slices

N.B. Please remember cleanliness is most important when working on the hydraulic system!


Remove aluminium kick plate from infront of spool lever

Disconnect all hydraulic pipes from underneath spool and cover pipe ends to keep dirt out.

Remove nuts from the 3 spool valve securing bolts

Lower valve down from underneath the floor and remove from the machine.

Undo the clamp bolts on the valve block. Lift end plate off first followed by the valve slice. Then remove bolts from remaining end plate. Take care not to damage or loose the 'O' rings.

Re-assemble with the new bolt kit and extra slice. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS - or the spools will stick.

Remove the spool securing bolt nearest to the seat and move it over one hole after piercing floor mat to suit.

Cut a hole in the floor mat for second lever.

Fit lever to new spool.

Refit spool block under floor and tighten bolts.

Fit two 1/2 x 3/8 adaptors into spool slice using sealing washers provided.

Fit bulkhead adaptors and quick release couplings into rear mounting bracket

Connect Original pipes back onto spool

Connect new pipes N.B.- Fittings on spool end of pipes may have to be bent down slightly to get adequate clearance - If they do, tighten pipe onto spool first and then bend down slightly by hand only.

Fit rubber boot over spool levers and glue in position

Refit kick plate.

Run machine and check for leaks.

N.B. If fitting a Lely Centreliner it may be found necessary to remove the restrictors from the hydraulic rams for them to work effectively.

Kit list.

1 D/A spool slice.
1 Lever kit (Shaped & shortened to suit)
1 2 bank bolt kit
1 Rubber lever boot
2 1/2" x 3/8" M/M adaptors
1 38" pipe
1 40" pipe
2 3/8 bulkhead adaptors
2 Q/R couplings
2 Protective plugs
2 1/2 seals
2 3/8 seals
1 Instruction sheet