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Automatic transmission - Kick-down cable adjustment

The kick-down cable is factory set and should only be adjusted if advised to do so. It may be required if the vehicle exhibits any of the following symptoms:

Poor pull away performance, delayed and harsh reverse gear engagement, reluctance to change up from bottom gear, very jerky changing up through gears.

To adjust cable proceed as follows:

1. Ensure that all slack is removed from the throttle cable side of the fuel pump linkage by adjusting the throttle cable. There should only be a very small amount of freeplay at the throttle pedal

2. Disconnect the kick-down cable from the throttle arm.

3. Pull the kick-down cable until a resistance is felt in the cable i.e. at the detent position and not pulled right out at the kick-down position.

4. Measure the distance from the end of the cable to the crimp A and record the measurement.

5. To determine the crimp gap B at the idle position, deduct 39mm from the measurement A. e.g. if the measurement A was 45mm the gap B should be 45-39 = 6mm.

6. Reconnect the kick-down cable and let it return to the idle position.

7. Adjust the outer cable locknuts until the crimp gap value is achieved.

8. Double check the gap after fully depressing the throttle pedal 3 times and re-adjust if necessary.

9. Should changing up through the gears still be a little jerky then increase the gap by 1 or 2mm and try again.