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Technical reference page: 75

Clutch cable fitting/adjustment - Ag/St/Ph

When fitting a new clutch cable or when checking adjustment it is important to observe the following points:

1 The machine is fitted with a self-adjusting clutch mechanism. When the clutch is depressed a spring loaded pawl (B) engages into a toothed quadrant (A) which then pulls the cable. When the clutch is released the pawl springs back and the clutch cable becomes free allowing thre clutch to adjust itself.
2/ The clutch is designed to run without any "free-play" - a spring attached to the quadrant keeps a gentle pressure on the clutch cable all the time.
3/ When fitting a cable the pawl (A) should end up approximately over the middle of the quadrant (B) (as shown below in picture 1) with approx 15 teeth showing.
4/ The outer cable must be adjusted in the bracket so the the inner cable is lined up with the hole in the outer cable when the clutch is depressed.
5/ If necessary fit a spacer (D) at the gearbox end of the cable to ensure that the quadrant falls in the correct position.