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TDI engine - cam belt replacement

The cam belt on the TDI engine requires replacement every 1200 hrs.

Special tools required:

Crankshaft pulley retainer LRT-12-080
Flywheel / TDC tool LRT-12-044
Timing pin LRT-12-045
Dial type torque meter 0-60 Nm

Parts required

Camshaft belt
Cover gasket
cover sealing washer

Fitting instructions

1. isolate battery
2. Remove 4 cap screws from engine end of fan drive shaft, remove shaft & pulley
3. Remove hydraulic pump drive shaft (engine end) taking care not top pull shaft apart
4. Remove air conditioning and main drive belts (see operators manual)
5. Fit crankshaft pulley retainer LRT-12-080 and secure with 4 bolts.
6. Remove crankshaft pulley retaining bolt using socket and suitable long bar.
7. Remove pulley using extractor LRT-12-049 with thrust pad LRT-12-031 if necessary
8. Remove 14 bolts securing front cover plate and remove plate with gasket
9. Remove small gasket from centre bolt boss

10. Position at TDC - Sited at rear of engine sump on engine backplate is a blanking plate. Remove 2 bolts and plate and insert timing tool LRT-12-044 into the larger bolt hole.
11. Engage timing tool pin with slot in flywheel.
12. Check correct alignment of timing mark on camshaft gear and that crankshaft key aligns with cast arrow on housing.

13. Insert pin from special tool LRT-12-045 in injection pump gear and through into pump flange
14. Slacken belt tensioner bolt
15. Remove idler pulley
16 Remove timing belt

17 Fit new belt over gears keeping it tight on drive side.
18. Fit idler pulley.
19.Slacken injection pump gear retaining bolts.
20. Adjust belt to sit correctly in gears
21. Slacken belt tensioner securing bolt to finger tight.
22. Insert 13mm square drive extension bar in tensioner plate.
23. Apply a tension of 14 to 16 Nm using a dial type torque meter (range not exceeding 60 Nm) in the almost vertical position. When tension is correct tighten clamp bolt.
24. Tighten injection pump gear bolts.
25. Remove pin from injection pump gear.
26. Disengage pin from slot in flywheel.
27. Rotate crank one and three quarter turns clockwise and then continue slowly until timing pin can be re-engaged in flywheel.
28. Insert pin from tool LRT-12-045 in injection pump gear and through into flange.
29. Slacken injection pump gear bolts.
30. Re-tension belt as above.
31. Tighten pump gear bolts.
32. Remove timing pins, replace flywheel cover plate.
33. Fit front cover plate etc using new gaskets.
34. Refit drive shafts & belts etc.

Torque settings (Nm)

Front cover plate 25
Static idler - timing belt (stud) 10
Static idler - timing belt (nut) 45
Tensioner - timing belt 45
Timing puley to injection pump hub 25
Crankshaft pulley 80 to 90 deg
Auto tensioner, aux drive (stud) 14
Auto tensioner, aux drive (nut) 45