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Automatic transmission - Filter screen

The automatic transmission oil should be changed every 600 hrs. The filter screen should be changed every 1200 hrs.
The following parts will be required: DO NOT attempt to clean the filter (as in previous bulletin)

1 STC 1060 Sump plug washer
1 RTC 4276 O ring
1 RTC 5818 O ring
1 RTC 4268 Sump gasket
1 RTC 4653 filter screen
6l (approx) ATF Dexron IID

The transmission is filled through the dipstick tube. The level should be checked with the engine running and idling in neutral. Ensure the oil is filled so the level is between the two small punched holes on the dipstick.

NB - Cleanliness is essential when changing the filter - Even slight traces of dirt getting past the filter screen can cause serious gearbox problems!