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Kellands Agricultural is a company specialising in crop spraying machinery and ancillary equipment. Their commitment to customer care and a reliable and comprehensive product range has enabled them to grow into one of the most respected in its field.

They are main distributors for Frazier, Barigelli 4x4 sprayers, GambettiBarre, Imovilli pumps and Salvarani boutmarkers. They are also main dealers for Lurmark, Dual Pumps, Teejet, Polmac, RDS, LH Agro and Billericay and can supply parts for Allman, Hardi, Berthoud, Gem, Knight and the majority of other sprayers available today.

The ancillary product range includes: Pumps, water tanks, jets, spray controls, valves, hose & piping, stainless & PVC spraylines, chemical inductors, wash systems, electronic metering systems, cab computers and flow meters - all of which is kept in stock and can be delivered the next day!

Watch this space for a link to the Kellands web site which is currently being developed by FBS. It will include an on-line shop for buying all your sprayer spares and accessories.

Kellands Agricultural Spraying Supplies, Brimpsfield Rd., Birdlip, Gloucester. GL4 8JH.

Tel 01452 863900
Fax 01452 863400

Chris Kelland
Keith Pashley

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